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Impeach Bush, Cheney & Pelosi So Robert Byrd Will Become President

Texas Liberal wants Senator Robert Byrd as President. While wimpy left-leaning blogs talk about only impeaching President Bush and Vice President Cheney–It seems clear that we must go all the way. 

As President Pro Tempore of the US Senate, Mr. Byrd would be next in line if we could only impeach the first three. Mr. Byrd’s speeches on the Senate floor on C-SPAN 2 are great. Top-Rate entertainment. He talks about history both ancient and modern. Who can doubt that the people need a better grounding in history?  

Byrd is a great and open champion of pork barrel spending which is a favorite cause of Texas Liberal. (I say less war and more job-creating pork.)

This modern day Cato ( He’s been around long enough to be both the younger and the elder Cato), is strong against the Iraq War and good fun to watch. He’s my man.

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Friendship Between Lou Grant And Ted Baxter

I watched a Mary Tyler Moore Show rerun yesterday. In this episode, Lou Grant needed an operation to have a piece of World War II shrapnel removed. While in the hospital, Lou is visited by bumbling anchorman Ted Baxter. 

Lou is shocked when cheapskate Ted brings a top-notch bottle of scotch. Ted says he considers Lou to be his best friend despite all the times Lou has yelled at Ted in the newsroom. Lou was touched and allowed Ted to read to him in order to pass the time recuperating in the hospital. 

I teared up watching this. (I have a lot of vowels in my last name and my father told me that this can be a sign that a person is prone to emotion.) It is true that the most unlikely relationships can take root. You never know who might be a friend. You should be very hesitant to close the door on anybody. Life is short and brutal and you need all the friends you can get.   

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