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Life Of Yeltsin Shows The Contradictions That Reside In Each Person…..

Just like in our former Texas President Lyndon Johnson.  Just like in each of us.

You can lose sight of this basic fact if you spend to much time with some blogs of both the right and the left. Despite representing different sides of a debate, they often behave in the same all-certain manner. 

These contradictions extend to political parties that are, of course, comprised of plain old fragile human beings. All parties have merits and all parties have flaws.

When you think your cause is white-snow pure is when you lose the capacity for self-reflection.

Here is the BBC obit on Yeltsin. His life is worth considering.

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Supported A Republican To Lead Texas House?–You’re Getting What You Signed Up For

A new feature at Texas Liberal—The blog post and title of the blog post as one. 

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Texas Democrats Enable Voter ID Bill And All Junk In Legislature By Supporting Bipartisan Organization Of Legislature

A so-called voter ID law is Topic A in the bipartisan Texas legislature. The intent of the bill is clear enough. It is to suppress the turnout of people Republicans don’t want voting. (Charles Kuffner writes about the ID bill here.)

However, we should not forget that these Republicans were helped into power with the acquiescence of legislative Democrats who voted to ratify the current legislative leadership in exchange for beads and trinkets.

It is bunk to say that this bill is about Republicans only. When the chamber is organized in a bipartisan way, what is produced is the responsibility of both parties. 

Texas Democrats serve as first-class enablers of the Republican majority in Austin. We were at one point even reduced to fighting over which Republican would be best to lead the Texas House instead of fighting for our own principles.

When Texas Democrats want to blame somebody for this bad bill, and for every piece of junk that comes from the legislature, they should not forget a good look in the mirror.      

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