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Houston Council Candidate Melissa Noriega Taking Votes For Granted And Leaving Me To Consider Other Options On May 12

Democrat Melissa Noriega seems likely to win the Houston City Council special election coming up on May 12. I’ve previously written that I would, with some hesitation, vote for Ms. Noriega.

However, the more I consider the election, the more I wonder why I should support someone who, so far, has not shown a willingness to seriously confront the many critical issues facing Houston.

I’m tired of Democrats taking my vote for granted.  And I’m very tired of Houston Democrats often ignoring the sometimes third-world quality of life standards in our city. 

Ms. Noriega’s campaign homepage lists a so-called “Melissa’s Mission.” This agenda consists of “safe neighborhoods”, a “healthy environment” and “effective government.” Nothing on the list challenges or respects voters.

There is nothing about Houston’s place in the national immigration debate. There are no specifics on air quality. There is nothing about poverty or basic questions of social fairness in Houston. And nothing about a city living wage proposal.

I got a mailing recently from Ms. Noriega. It was all about attending a fund-raiser and nothing about positions on issues.   

I’m sure Ms. Noriega is a fine person. Maybe she’ll make a good councilperson. If she finds herself in a runoff, I’ll take it from that point.

But on May 12, I’m going to vote for Harris County Green Party co-chair Alfred Molison for Houston City Council. I urge others to consider doing the same. Votes should be earned—Not taken for granted. 

April 17, 2007 Posted by | Houston, Houston Council Election '07, Politics | 22 Comments