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I’m Sorry For Using Ronald Reagan Stamp On Donation To Erik Williams For Amarillo City Commission

A few days back, I mailed my $20 contribution to Erik Williams for Amarillo City Commission. I made this donation because fellow Texas blogger Jobsanger wrote that Mr. Williams was a good candidate.

Having other things to mail as well, I went to my local post office. I handed my items to the postal worker and she placed the stamps on the items.

Imagine my shock later that day when I looked at the receipt from the post office and saw that the post office worker had used a Ronald Reagan stamp for the letter to Amarillo.

I had, like all good Americans, resolved never to use a Ronald Reagan stamp. When I visit the post office, I enjoy looking through the stamp binder to see what’s new. For the past few months however, my enjoyment of this process has been diminished by having to look at the Reagan stamp.

As a way of apologizing for having bought and used a Ronald Reagan stamp, I am providing this link to the Frankilin D. Roosevelt library

April 16, 2007 Posted by | Politics, Texas | 7 Comments