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Not Paying All Taxes Due—Just Disloyalty Or Treason As Well?

It’s simple enough, even for people who think Texas is an independent nation; —-Not paying all your taxes at a time of war, or at anytime, is an act of disloyalty. To some, including myself, it might even be a kind of treason.

With the tax filing deadline this weekend, tax cheating and tax avoidance is rampant. Estimates run at $ 300 billion lost to our government from the underreporting of income and other tax avoidance schemes. This is money that legally and ethically belongs to all people. Real wealth is about the commonwealth.

A victory for the American people was the recent demise of the Jenkins & Gilchrest law firm of Dallas. That firm specialized in helping wealthy clients use sham shelters to avoid taxes.

Of course, the obligation to pay taxes goes all the way down the income scale. The underreporting of tips and other under the table income also weakens our country. It chips away at the sense of shared obligation that is an important measure of national strength.

A way to encourage all people to pay taxes would be to repeal the Bush tax cuts that shifted the tax burden downwards and to step up enforcement of tax law violations. People will respond better to a system they see as fair to all.

It’s easy to say you love America. It is, it seems, a bit more difficult for some to back up that claim with something more tangible than empty words.

April 13, 2007 Posted by | Taxes---Yes! | 36 Comments