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I’m Donating To Erik Williams For Amarillo City Commission Because Blogger Jobsanger Says Williams Is Solid

My good friend and fellow Texas blogger at Jobsanger has written a post in support of Erik Williams for the Amarillo city commission. I have never been to Amarillo and I’ve never heard of Erik Williams. No matter. If Jobsanger says he is okay, that is good enough for me.

Jobsanger says he does not figure enough people in Amarillo read his blog for him to do Mr. Williams any good. Jobsanger should not sell himself short.  But in any case, I’m sending Mr. Williams a $20 donation. So Jobsanger has at least done that amount of good. 

My friend at Jobsanger was one of the first people to say a nice thing about my blog. At New Year’s he wished many Texas bloggers a Happy New Year. If Jobsanger says Erik Williams is good for Amarillo, it must be so.

In this lonely world, we must support each other to the extent that we can.   

April 9, 2007 Posted by | Blogging, Politics, Texas | 1 Comment