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Kinky Friedman Sign Still In Vacant Lot Is Reminder That All Illegally Placed Political Signs Are Bad

I saw a Kinky Friedman for Governor sign recently in a vacant field here in Houston. This reminded me how much I dislike illegally placed political signs. It also reminded me how much I dislike Kinky Friedman.

Political signs in traffic medians or in vacant lots are against the law. It’s most annoying when done by Democrats. I don’t have many expectations of Republicans. But when Democrats break the law and misuse our shared space, I get very annoyed.

I’ve been responsible for putting yard signs up in political campaigns. I put maybe 1000 signs in the ground in Cincinnati, Ohio. Not once did I place a sign in any public space or on private property without the permission of the owner.

One of the worst signs in the right-of-way offenders I ever saw was Republican Harris County, Texas Judge Linda Storey. She was in a primary fight last year. Her rotten signs were everywhere. Now this lawbreaker is a so-called judge.  

All candidates, Republican or Democrat, who have illegally placed signs should be made to take down the signs themselves—maybe on a rainy day— and should pay a fine out of their own pockets. In fact, maybe all such signs should be nailed to the outside of the candidate’s home. That would be good.

April 5, 2007 Posted by | Houston, Politics | 6 Comments