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The Wretched Of The Earth Is A Good Texas Blog

The Wretched of the Earth is a good Texas blog and a good blog in all other regards. It is written by a public defender in Dallas. The blog author says his purpose is to address issues affecting the poor and indigent. I’d say he meets his objective. 

It is appropriate to give The Wretched of the Earth a mention on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s death. I’m sure this lawyer could find a job that pays more. Instead, he helps people who might not otherwise get help.   

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Martin Luther King Died 39 Years Ago Today Fighting For Striking Workers—Some Good King Links

Martin Luther King was shot and killed 39 years ago today. He died fighting for the rights of striking sanitation workers. This link to the Seafarers International Union discusses Houston workers who marched in this year’s King parade.

Three other good King links are to his papers at Stanford, to the King Memorial being built in Washington, and to a San Francisco Chronicle article about King’s theology. 

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