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While Houston May Or May Not See 2007 Hurricanes, Remote Solomon Islands Are Definitely Hit By Tsunami

A new forecast says 2007 may be an active Atlantic hurricane season. This forecast will excite Houston TV stations. They love hurricanes and they love the prospect of hurricanes. 

The hurricane forecast reminded me of the tsunami that just hit the nation of the Solomon Islands. At least 22 people are dead and others are missing. I decided I would make a $30 donation to relief efforts in that country. 

However, I can’t figure out how to do so. The website of the International Red Cross simply says that the Solomon Islands suffers from political instability and that it is monitored by the Red Cross from Fiji. The BBC web news will sometimes give information about how to assist. In this case though, no information is provided.

The Solomon Islands has just over 500,000 people. The BBC reports that it is a poor nation. It seems that even before a tsunami hit part of the country, that it was a place remote from the world. I’ll continue to try to figure out how to make my donation.

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Houston Garbage Fee Is A Good Proposal As Government Must Collect The Money It Needs To Provide Services

The City of Houston is considering a monthly $3.50 fee for trash pick-up. This proposed fee, reported in the Houston Chronicle, would run $42 a year.

This is a good idea.

It’s a good idea because the money would be used for recycling and conservation efforts and for illegal dumping enforcement. It’s a good idea because it conveys the needed message that we don’t raise enough tax revenue in Houston.

The only cause for regret is that the fee can not somehow be made more progressive. While not likely to take place, I would support that the fee be based on the assessed value of the home receiving the service. Flat fees are regressive and Houston is a poor city.

Today, I will call my district councilmember and each of my at-large councilmembers to indicate my support for this new fee.    

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