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Collecting Enough Taxes Would Mean Your Kid Would Not Have To Sell Wrapping Paper To Fund Schools

A recent Wall Street Journal article discussed parents rebelling against school fundraisers. They are tired of being hit up for money. In Houston and elsewhere, school kids go out and sell wrapping paper and candy to raise money for schools. Often only about 50% of the money collected really goes to the schools.

The parents profiled discussed solutions to the problem. Most of the solutions involve giving money directly to schools and teachers. 

A few years ago my sister-in-law in the Chicago area asked me to buy wrapping paper for her son’s school. This fundraiser was being run by the local PTA. I told her I would join the PTA but I would not buy the rip-off wrapping paper. That is how I became a member of the Illinois PTA.

The solution to all this, of course, is to collect sufficient taxes to run our schools. People will pay for what they value. It’s clear enough the value our society places on education. 

March 30, 2007 Posted by | Politics, Taxes---Yes!, Ways We Hate Children | 13 Comments