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Shared Humanity, Citizenship & Liberalism—200th Texas Liberal Post

This is my 200th Texas Liberal post. I’m appreciative of everyone in Houston, in Texas, and elsewhere who has read the blog and, in some cases, left a comment. 

There are three aspects of personal identity that lead me to write this blog. These aspects of my identity are shared by many others. Retaining individuality while embracing what people have in common is always a worthwhile goal to pursue. 

Most essential is the simple fact of my humanity. I am one among many. I am equal with all others. This sense of shared humanity is why I’ve written the words “All People Matter” at the top of this blog.

Next is my citizenship. I have all the political rights and obligations that citizens in a democracy have. This blog is a manifestation of my citizenship.

And then there is my liberalism. My ideology is important to me as it helps define how I view my humanity and my political role as a citizen. I believe that political liberalism in the New Deal/Great Society sense is one good practical expression of the belief that all people matter.

Of less value to me is identification with the Democratic Party. I knew little about political blogs before I started Texas Liberal. I’ve been surprised to the extent a Democratic Party line is followed in some, though not all, left-leaning political blogs.

I say this while at the same time believing that political party discipline is the best way to organize a legislative chamber. Political parties give voters options and establish more clear lines of accountability for what takes place in a legislative body. If I were running for office instead of being a blogger, I might stick closer to a party line.

On a purely Texas note, I’ll never understand how many of my fellow Texas left-leaning bloggers can be more loyal to the Democratic Party than I am, while at the same time accepting that the Texas legislature is organized on a so-called bipartisan basis.

This acceptance undermines the right of Texans to have options at the voting booth and means that Democrats will never have a clear and clean governing majority in Austin.

In any case, I enjoy having a blog and I respect many of my fellow Texas Bloggers. I’ve had a lot of support from friends and strangers and I’m fortunate to have the time needed to express myself through Texas Liberal.

Please keep reading as I try to make Texas Liberal even better.    

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