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Giant Dolphin Creatures That Are Eaten In Japan Swam Around The Boat I Was On


Far removed from the icky black fish and sleepy turtles of Buffalo Bayou in Houston, I saw giant dolphins last week off the coast of San Diego. These big dolphins appeared near the whale watching boat I was riding. There must have been at least 30 of the big dolphins.

The dolphins were Risso’s dolphins. They grow up to 13 feet long. I saw them about 9 miles out in the Pacific Ocean. These dolphins have the good sense to avoid the coast. You’ll find nothing on shore but humans.

While they are eaten in Japan, Risso’s dolphins are not considered threatened. Many live in the waters off of California and there are communities of them elsewhere in the world.

The above picture is not so good, but it is pretty much how they looked from the boat.

Though I’ve seen bottlenose dolphins many times in Galveston, it was odd to see real wild animals in a natural setting. Dolphins in Galveston seem like city creatures— Such as armadillos in Houston.

In my view, nature is best seen in a park or on TV. I’m all for paying the taxes needed and establishing the regulations needed to protect nature and the Earth. I just don’t want rattlesnakes or mountain lions coming at me.

Watching giant dolphins from the deck of a boat was interesting. I’ll pay extra attention to the next nature documentary I see.           

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March 27, 2007 Posted by | Galveston, Sea Life | 5 Comments