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Citizen In A Democracy Is The Highest & Best Title Any Person Can Have

My friend Kate, who lives in California, and who once lived in Texas, is on jury duty. She has a trial that will last many weeks. She is at the same time working her regular job.

Kate is up front about this not being ideal situation. It is hard work. Yet the bottom line is that Kate showed up for jury duty when summoned and that she is meeting her obligations as a citizen. Kate knows that the highest title and most complex job anyone can have is citizenship in a democracy.

The great honor of our citizenship is that it is shared with many millions of people. It is the things that are jointly held that matter the most.

The complexity of our citizenship is found in the difficulty of balancing our private interests with the public good. Finding this balance requires the discipline of critical thinking and personal effort.

What is excellent about this complexity is that any person of average intelligence–Kate is very smart– can find a reasonable enough solution if they are only willing to try. Again—The best things in life are the things that are open to all.

Kate is an excellent citizen. I can’t think of a better thing to say about a person.   

March 25, 2007 Posted by | Good People, Politics, Taxes---Yes! | 4 Comments