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Houston Astros Should Allow Patrons To Bring In Own Food Since All They Offer Is Overpriced Junk

Though I follow baseball and attend Houston Astros games, I’m reluctant to post about sports. Sports get enough attention.

However, one thing that merits additional attention is the Houston Astros policy against bringing your own food and drink into the former Enron Field.

I thought of this last week standing outside of Petco Park in San Diego. Posted rules at Petco Park state that you may bring in your own food and drink.

Astros games are expensive. A family of four buying what are lower-priced tickets at $17 a shot, and then paying to park and buy food is going to spend at least $125. And I bet that is a low estimate of what such a family really spends at a game.

The food at Astros games is overpriced and not very good.  The Astros play in a taxpayer funded stadium. The least they could do is let people bring in their own food and drink. This would make games more affordable and would allow people to bring in healthy food in contrast to the junk currently offered.    

March 22, 2007 Posted by | Best Posts Jan.-June 2007, Houston | 13 Comments