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Reasons A Big City Is The Best Place To Take A Vacation

I’m back in Houston after a great spring break in San Diego. For the following reasons, I always visit large cities for my vacations— 

1. Unlike smaller cities that may be more dependant on tourist dollars, or unlike a resort or cruise ship, a large city retains an identity outside of what visitors expect.

2. Connected to the first reason, workers in large cities have more options for employment beyond the whims of outsiders.

3. You can’t help but see a measure of real life in a large city. While I realize people take vacations to get away from real life, I enjoy seeing residential areas in places I visit. I enjoy seeing aspects of the overall nature of a place instead of just hotels and restaurants.

4. It is good to be in public view. When on a public sidewalk instead of at a resort or on a cruise ship, I am out with the random crowd. That’s the most democratic way to take a vacation. 

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