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Please Read Texas Blog Terrell Today While TexasLiberal Takes A Spring Break

TexasLiberal is going to take a spring break. For the next week I’ll be posting sporadically at best. The way I figure it, either you run the blog or the blog runs you. 

Maybe I’ll visit Seabrook, Texas during my spring break. 

In my absence, and at all times, you’d do well to read Terrell Today. Terrell Today covers Terrell, Texas and Kaufman County. Regretfully, I have never been able to visit these places. 

Kaufman County borders, among other counties, Dallas County.

According to the Texas Almanac 2006-2007, Terrell had a 2004 population of 15,600. Kaufman County was just at over 85,000 people. The Almanac reports that Kaufman County has some manufacturing and is also a bedroom community for Dallas. Terrell is the home of Southwestern Christian College.

It would be great if every smaller city and moderately sized county had a top quality blogger as does Terrell and Kaufman County. Check out Terrell Today and support a valuable resource for that community.  

March 12, 2007 - Posted by | Blogging, Books, Texas


  1. maybe you should go to Terrell instead of Seabrook…

    Comment by charley | March 13, 2007

  2. Hi, I’ve stumbled across your site and nearly fell asleep trying to find something amusing on it. I’m glad you have stumbled across the internet, started a blog and contribute to it regularly. You appear hopeless on every subject you raise (I’m an Australia Liberal supporter). I got here somehow to some post on your dribble about reading books in public? I fail to see what point your trying to forward? Any help on this subject appreciated, I’ll check back later 🙂

    Comment by Danial | March 15, 2007

  3. Thanks for the kind words. Hope you have/had fun on your spring break.

    Comment by JAKinTT | March 17, 2007

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