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Texas Should Build Casino On Submerged Ice Age Coast In Effort To Evolve Hybrid Human/Fish Blackjack Dealers

Houston State Senator Rodney Ellis is a leading supporter of bringing casino gambling to Texas. I’m disappointed by this because I normally regard Senator Ellis well and because gambling brings misery. Senator Ellis should be advocating a progressive income tax for Texas that would raise the money Texas needs to fully join the civilized world.

However, if we are to have casinos, I propose one be built on the ancient submerged ice age era coast 100 miles south of Galveston. This lost coast is being now explored by sonar and submarine.

We’re always told that a big reason for casinos is to create jobs. Think of how labor intensive constructing an underwater casino would be. Also, by submerging the casino in advance of hurricanes and global warming, we would be avoiding trouble and expense down the line.

It’s possible that employees in the underwater casino might in time develop fins and gills and become hybrid human fish. These hybrids would be a great drawing card and could be trained to sing and dance for stage shows. 

An underwater casino is clearly the way to go for any expanded gambling in Texas.

March 11, 2007 Posted by | Houston, Politics, Taxes---Yes!, Texas | 1 Comment

Anyone Getting Along Anywhere Is Good News—Free Elections In Mauritania

The multi-ethnic North African nation of Mauritania is conducting its first fully free elections since independence in 1960. Living in multi-ethnic Houston, I’m rooting for these folks to work it out in a peaceful way. 

Mauritania has Arabs, Berbers and sub-Saharan blacks. Many of the people are nomads. Just over 3 million people live in Mauritania.

Anyone getting along anywhere is good news. And any country moving towards democracy is good news. Good luck to Mauritania.

March 11, 2007 Posted by | Elections, Politics | 2 Comments