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Shocker!—Sheila Jackson Lee Gets Herself On TV With The King Of Jordan

A few days back, I watched on C-Span a speech given by the King of Jordan before a joint session of Congress. Watching the broadcast, I can’t say I was surprised to see Houston Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee sitting on an aisle seat as King Abdullah entered the House Chamber.

She might’ve been camped out in that seat like something out of Woodstock. I should’ve scanned the television picture for her tent.

The C-Span audience got to see Ms. Jackson Lee whisper something in the King’s ear. Did she tell the King that maybe Jordan should start having more free elections and allow more press freedom? That would‘ve been good.

Ms. Jackson Lee always finds the camera. A few months ago I watched on C-Span the groundbreaking for the Martin Luther King Memorial on the Mall in Washington. Ms. Jackson Lee was right up on the podium.

A few years ago, when I lived in her district, I sent Ms. Jackson Lee a letter opposing any privatization of the United Sates Post Office. I never got a reply. I wish Ms. Jackson Lee would focus more on her duties and focus less on getting her picture taken.

March 9, 2007 - Posted by | Houston, Politics, Things Watching Tv Made Me Think About

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  1. After the last State of the Union by Mr. Bush, she tried to get his attention. Remember for some odd reason members of Congress vie for the Prez’ signature after the speech.

    She kept trying to get him but oddly he wouldn’t turn around. Is there some history there?

    Comment by Laz | March 9, 2007

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