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Soldiers At Walter Reed Have A Duty To Support Themselves

As a resident of Texas and as an American, I know that you must be able to pay your own way and be able to fend for yourself. This knowledge is why I so greatly admire our soldiers at Walter Reed.

I admire our wounded men and women for taking the Texas and American creed of survival of the fittest to a new level. By receiving bad care in lousy conditions after suffering terrible war wounds, our soldiers are setting the example.

These brave troops know that in America you need to be able to support yourself. If you’ve made the decision not to be wealthy, you must then bear the consequences.

In America, generalized sentimental expressions of care by large numbers of people are the kiss of death. Millions of poor children already know that “family values” means drop dead. Now our soldiers are helping to spread the gospel of what “support the troops” truly means.

I have never felt so proud to be a Texan and to be an American. We are living out our values as never before.

March 8, 2007 Posted by | Politics | 1 Comment