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I’m Voting For Melissa Noriega For Houston Council—Just Don’t Ask Me To Be Enthusiastic

I’m voting for Democrat Melissa Noriega on the May 12 special election to fill the vacant Houston City Council seat. But forgive me if I’m not excited by the prospect.

Spurred by a post in Half Empty, I visited Ms. Noriega’s website. There I found that Ms. Noriega supports safe neighborhoods, a healthy environment and effective government. That’s great. I’m glad Ms. Noriega is not running on a platform of crime, pollution and corruption. 

I get tired of voting for Democrats for Houston City Council who don’t have poverty on their radar. If this is an issue for Ms. Noriega, it is not on her website.

One of the few specifics Ms. Noriega lists is more police. Yet she does not specify how she would pay for more police and this is a position I could get from a Republican.

I’m sure Ms. Noriega is a fine person. It’s just that more than being a fine person is required given the problems Houston faces. Maybe we’ll hear more specifics from Ms. Noriega as Election Day approaches. I’m open to whatever she might add to her platform.   

March 7, 2007 Posted by | Houston, Houston Council Election '07, Politics | 1 Comment