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I Stand With Care Bears And Against Brutal Economic Darwinism

My Care Bears calendar for the month of March wishes all people “Good Luck!.” I believe that this means good luck to everyone in Houston, in Texas, in America and in the entire world.

Good luck is an excellent message because luck is the single most important factor in determining our fates.

The spirit of “good luck” runs contrary to the Texas ethos held by some of so-called rugged individualism and runs against the brutal economic Darwinism practiced by many in Texas and in America.

However, the Care Bears understand the large role chance plays in human existence.  On the March calendar, Good Luck Bear is sliding down a rainbow. He has a four-leaf clover on his tummy. As he slides on down the rainbow he calls out “Good Luck!”

It is good luck to be born to in a prosperous country and it is good luck to be born to decent parents. It is good luck that something terrible and beyond your control has not happened and that you are alive to read this post.

Some say that “we make our own luck” or that we should lift ourselves up by our proverbial bootstraps. These statements have some truth to them. It’s just that they don’t have enough truth to get one through life.

I stand with the Care Bears in wishing all people “Good Luck!”  

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  1. What is Luck?

    Luck doesn’t determine anything so how can it be “the single most important factor in determining our fates”?

    Let’s take roulette for example, a field in which one must have good luck. Good Luck doesn’t spin the wheel nor is it an intellect that calculates probabilities. It determines nothing. Mathematical probability is merely a way of measuring what actually happens.

    Everything is determined by something, there are no uncaused events. Even flipping a coin is determined by something (the force at which the coin is flipped, the distance it travels, gravity) and just because we can never predict the outcome it doesn’t mean that luck determines it. How can it? Luck is nothing, it doesn’t exist.

    Comment by Laz | March 6, 2007

  2. It’s luck if you don’t know the outcome in advance and if you have no control over the outcome.

    Comment by neilaquino | March 6, 2007

  3. Even assuming your definition of luck, luck is still not a determinant force. It still does not cause anything. Our inability to predict events does not make that inability a force unto itself.

    Yet at some level we do have some control. Going back to roulette, someone has to choose what color (or number) and someone has to spin the wheel. In our coin flip, someone has to produce a coin then flip it (leaving the reasons for having flipped it out of the discussion)

    Luck is nothing.

    Comment by Laz | March 6, 2007

  4. To hell with all ya’ll, I’d still rather be lucky than good any day!

    Comment by ed | March 6, 2007

  5. I’m with ED on this one. better to be lucky than good.

    Comment by george | March 6, 2007

  6. Some coach once said “Success is opportunity meeting preparation”.
    Opportunity often requires or stands in for luck.
    Just think how lucky the “Pet Rock” guy was to find a distributor who said “That idea is so dumb it just might work.”

    Comment by carsick | March 6, 2007

  7. I stand with the Care Bears and with the message of Good Luck. I will not move away from Good Luck Bear on this issue.

    Comment by neilaquino | March 7, 2007

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