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A Hint Of Ancient Chinese Poetry & That A Mix Of The Abstract And The Solid Is Always A Winner

Houston, Texas is just one of my many home towns. Galveston, Texas is another home town of mine because I go to Galveston often to see the ocean. Also, I lived for 12 years in Providence, Rhode Island and for 18 years in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It’s important that we not forget where we are from and with that thought in mind I checked out some Rhode Island political blogs. A good one I found is called Rhode Island’s Future.

Blog author Matt Jerzyk recently made the following post—

When I think of heavy rains, I think of cleansing.  Do you think the rains today were a way to cleanse Rhode Island of the particularly nasty North Providence mayor’s race?”

That is a great post. It combines the abstract with the solid. It also borders on the cadence and themes found in some ancient Chinese poetry.

Here is a poem called Evening After Rain written by Tu Fu. Tu Fu lived from 712-770. I read this poem in a book I own called Crossing The Yellow River: Three Hundred Poems From The Chinese—-

Sudden rain this afternoon/saved my thirsty garden

Now sunset steams the grass/and the river softly glistens

Who’ll organize my scattered books/Tonight I’ll fill and fill my glass

I know they love to talk about me/But no one faults me for my reclusive life

Please take a look at Rhode Island’s Future to see what is going on in the Ocean State.  

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