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Bloggers In Egypt Face Jail & Reasons For Caution On Attacks Of “Mainstream Media”

Far away from the freedom enjoyed by bloggers in Texas and in the rest of the United States, bloggers in Egypt are being put on trial for what they write and post.

A blogger named Abdel Kareem Nabil Soilman is on trial for his views on religion.

Other Egyptian bloggers are under government watch or pressure. Christian bloggers and pro-democracy bloggers have been harassed.    

The cause of Egyptian bloggers has been taken up by the group Reporters Without Borders.

I think that as a general matter, freedom for the so-called mainstream media and freedom for newer forms of information such as blogging, are linked. Egypt does not have a fully free press.

This is one reason I’m hesitant to take part in what I see sometimes as reflexive bashing of the mainstream media by some bloggers. (This does not imply I think newspapers are perfect. They are not.)

If freedom is lost by any form of media, it will also be lost across the board by all who work to inform the public.

The long-term goal for bloggers and more established media should be a partnership that serves the causes of news gathering and free involvement in public affairs.      

March 2, 2007 Posted by | Blogging, Politics | 3 Comments