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Poor Children Should Die To Ease Strain On Public Resources

The Texas Legislature is debating what to do about the Children’s Health Insurance Program. In 2005 the program was cut and many Texas kids were kicked off health insurance.

Some Republicans favor fully barbaric solutions while some Democrats favor less barbaric solutions. The solution that is never discussed is raising enough tax revenue for all Texans to live as human beings.

None of this is a surprise. Many Texas children serve no economic value. In fact, they are an economic drag if the state must provide them an education and health insurance.

There is nothing more a real Texan dislikes than somebody who can’t pull his or her own weight.

Prosperous Texans and their representatives in the legislature know that healthy and educated kids are potential rivals against their own children for college admission spots and the shrinking pool of good jobs.

What we see in Texas is simply a mirror of the American hatred of children. Children, like soldiers who can’t afford to purchase their own body armor for Iraq, are people who cost us money. It’s best that enough of them die so our public budgets not be strained.

March 1, 2007 - Posted by | Politics, Taxes---Yes!, Texas, Ways We Hate Children


  1. As good an excuse as any to read Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”:


    Comment by Jeff | March 1, 2007

  2. Are you also counting the ones that are aborted on a daily basis?

    Comment by Laz | March 1, 2007

  3. The CHIPS Program is for our children. It is for the working class people who dont get the fat benefits package. Why is it, the wealth always steals from our children after acting like they were creating, “doing it for th kids” huge reservoirs of Avarice to siphon off.

    Like the Lottery originally was ratified by the people of the Great State of Texas with the belief ot was a moneymaker for our Children’s Education. And now how much of the Lottery revenue makes it to Public Education?

    Back to the CHIPS insurance program, did you guys realize Medicaid bills $600 per month per family member.

    So for a household of 4 you would be looking at 2400 per month.

    Ching Ching!!!

    Somebody be gettin rich off of the poor.

    HD ## REP Solomon Ortiz JR is one of the good guys in this battle.

    I really hope the partisan posturing will dissipate.

    How much does your insurance cost?

    Comment by Kenedeno | March 2, 2007

  4. I hope everyone will read this: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/02/27/AR2007022702116.html?sub=AR It’s about a Maryland 12-year-old who died because of an abcessed tooth. The family’s Medicaid had expired, and then she couldn’t find a dentist who would take Medicaid, and the infection from his tooth spread to his brain. It sounds like something that would happen in a developing country. And consider this: It would have cost $80 to extract his tooth; instead, his hospitalization and emergency brain surgery cost $250,000, and on top of that he’s dead.

    Comment by Julie | March 3, 2007

  5. maybe we need to look at education and refocus the dollars to job training when the kids are older and not focus on the same old way we have taught. Children need to know how to read and write and it would help if they learnd basic citizenship in school. When these children all children get to a certain age maybe we need to test them on interest and talents and focus the education into a job related skill. I have a 11 year old and I look at what she is learning and I wonder as she gets older the time spent on each subject will it serve her? Will she be more marketable to particapate in society? will she float or sink? I know the public schools in cincinnati need to be fixed and its not dollars that will fix them.

    Comment by bill brady | March 3, 2007

  6. Can you believe the nurve of these crabs in Austin?

    If we do not stand up for our children now….who will?

    Comment by elle | May 27, 2007

  7. Pirvate Schools have much better test scores than public schools than private schools. Our Poor People are richer than any other nation so take your ethics and shove it up your ass. You Comni Bastard. TAKE A HISTORY CLASS. Bitch.

    Comment by Bob | August 14, 2007

  8. Bob,
    Did you attend a public school or a “pirvate” one?

    Comment by Laz | August 14, 2007

  9. As a parent of two children under three who are BOTH on Medicaid I say to hell with everyone who is down on the people who cannot provide insurance for their family and there is no help to be found for a twenties white father, it all had to go in my WIFE’S name instead of mine. And I know people who are single dads who cannot find help either. They say there is but when you go to look, oops can’t help ya your pathetic $250/wk paycheck is supposed to pay for your rent elec/heating and fuel bills, health for you and your wife, but we will help you by giving you SIXTEEN DOLLARS a MONTH in food stamps to help you get by. I am not one who sits around all day, I work hard for the little I have so when I hear people saying that relief for the poor is a drain I think about all the illegals who have taken MY jobs to feed people in another country.

    When I see ads on tv about save the people in such and such poor country I think, ‘We have people HERE starving, homeless and sacraficed for the comfort of the rich who don’t even appreciate what they have spent so much of their money on. Instead of downing those of us who are under middle class but do the jobs rich people won’t do to get by why not try and find a PRODUCTIVE means to help said people which in turn will help the entire economy.

    Comment by Chris | January 26, 2008

  10. there is personal responsibility that never gets mentioned. we are all tought wrong from right and those that are not taught was is wrong from right know that certain things are wrong and right and choose the easy way. the criminal way. the helpless way. there are more chances and oppertunities here than anywhere and the people choose the hooters football easy way out more often than not. its a cultural problem of enabling that can only be broken from within.

    Comment by bill brady | January 27, 2008

  11. people can not save people that have no insterest in being saved. or not aware that being saved is an option,most of the people that are blogging are lucky that they can blog and are not dying of aids in africa or starving in the streets of philidelphia or cincinnati or getting a clitorectomy in pakistan. i am very thankful for what i have and most people that have a house and a job and a will to live and work should be equally grateful. unfortunetly there are so many people that have no hope and nothing to live for. its a very sad world we live in. its a cycle that has gone on for tens of thousands of years.

    Comment by bill brady | January 27, 2008

  12. There are opportunities out there. Look into getting a job that takes an Associates degree. You may be a poor person but some of the poorest people I know went to community college. It is worthwhile to look into and you can pick a field that you are more interested in. Every little bit of education counts especially when society is going to become more and more competitive.

    Comment by Bob Barker | May 6, 2008

  13. I agree with this as far as it goes. But it seems we may be reaching a point where education no longer promises a good and secure job.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | May 6, 2008

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