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Obama Can Visit Houston If His Motorcade Does Not Disrupt My Commute

The 2008 Presidential race is in full swing and it is sure is tedious.

Senator Barack Obama is swinging through Houston and Austin. At this point Mr. Obama can’t have a very large traffic-disrupting motorcade. So I guess his visit is okay.

However, if Mr. Obama delays my 40 mile daily round-trip commute for even a minute he will lose my potential support. What do we need all this campaigning for so many months before any real votes are cast?

TexasLiberal supports the ghost of Paul Wellstone for President. I got a letter today from Wellstone Action saying it is time for me to donate again. That is exactly what I will to do.

My support for the ghost of Paul Wellstone will continue until such time that the race for President is something less than a waste of time to follow. I can’t imagine that will be any time before the World Series.

I can’t claim I’ll ignore the whole thing. Yet I know that I have books to read and walks to take instead of following a full year of our so-called leaders ass-kissing millionaires for campaign loot.

Already Senator Clinton and Senator Obama are in some kind of stupid snit involving zillionaire David Geffen. Mr. Geffen, Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton can buzz off if this is what we have to look forward to for a whole year.  

February 23, 2007 Posted by | Houston, Politics | 8 Comments