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Pete Rose Has Message For Texas Bloggers, All Bloggers & All People

I’m reading a book about Pete Rose. Though I live in Houston now, I lived in Cincinnati for 18 years. I saw Rose play many times and met him once. In the book I read something about how Rose played that may be helpful to others. 

In Hustle by Michael Sokolove, there is a chapter about Rose playing in the very low minor leagues in 1960 in Geneva, New York.

Rose’s roommate in Geneva was Art Shamsky. Shamsky said that from the start Rose had a uniquely clear view of what his strengths and limits were.

Sokolove writes— “If he (Rose) hit a home run in the previous night’s game, he did not imagine himself a power hitter.”

This idea of having a clear and honest view of your strengths and limits has meaning in just about every aspect of life.

In the narrow sphere of this blog, I know that I have only so much time and that I have different audiences I’m trying to reach. I try to reach these audiences and grow the blog in a way that works with my abilities and schedule.

This idea can be extended in many other ways that would be useful in daily life. Also, thinking in these terms might allow for a more humane understanding of the actions of others.

Who knew Pete Rose was such a thinker?       

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