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Tip Server Time-And-A-Half On President’s Day–William Howard Taft Might, Or Might Not, Thank You For it

On President’s Day, and on all holidays, should you eat out in Houston, in Lubbock or anywhere at all, you should tip your server at least time-and-a-half. The same goes for tipping cab drivers and anybody else who is normally tipped. 

You should pay others what you would like to earn on a holiday. It’s only fair. Time-and-a-half is what people deserve on any and all holidays.  

I share a birthday with President William Howard Taft. I also attended the same high school as Taft. Taft was not a Progressive in the mold of Teddy Roosevelt. Though nor was he as bad as Calvin Coolidge or Herbert Hoover.  

On President’s Day I’m going to follow a clear course. No Taft-like mixed messages. I’m going to tip my fellow working Americans a nice big holiday tip.     

February 14, 2007 - Posted by | Tip Your Waiter Time-And-A-Half On Holidays


  1. “I’m going to tip my fellow working Americans a nice big holiday tip. ”

    Regardless of quality of service? And I am amused by the way liberals use the term “working American”. It’s as though not everyone who is gainfully employed has to work for their salary. I can assure you that as an operations manager for a pipeline company I worked longer hours than I did when I was an hourly operator at a chemical plant. And as an operator when I walked through the gate to go home, the job stayed between the fences. And if I worked more than 8/40 I got time and a half for it. When I worked holidays, I got double and a half. After I became an engineer and then up through management, the job went where I went. And it didn’t matter if I worked 40 or 80 hours a week, the pay was the same.

    Comment by Myron | February 14, 2007

  2. I think my post was pretty clear. Your comment is not about getting lousy service or your walk-barefoot-in-the-snow tough luck story of working extra hours.

    Your comment is about how even the most simple thing like time-and-a-half pay for holidays is never secure in this country because there are always many opposed to even the most modest gains for working people.

    Comment by neilaquino | February 14, 2007

  3. Yes, your post was pretty clear. You think that a tip should be given regardless of quality of service. And I disagreed. Is that not allowed on a liberal blog? On a holiday or any other day, a tip is earned by service rendered. I am not obliged to tip someone who gets my order wrong, brings the order to the table cold, picks their nose while I’m ordering, etc. I have tipped more than most folks on many occasions when I thought the service warranted it.

    Again, I ask you to define “working people”. I think I already know your definition of “working people”. I did not give you a walk-barefoot-in-the-snow tough luck story of working extra hours. In fact, I feel very fortunate to have had the management jobs my education and abilities allowed me to have. I merely stated a fact. And that fact is some folks get premium pay for working overtime (as I did) and some don’t (as I did not). Why do you not accept the fact that there are different experiences that lead to different opinions? The couple of times I have mentioned my experiences you belittled them. Is this the way a liberal demonstrates an open mind to discussion with things they don’t agree with? Or is it because I was in management so I must be evil?

    Comment by Myron | February 15, 2007

  4. I’m in management.

    I do not think you are evil.

    You don’t have to tip people who pick their noses while carrying your food.

    While you are nice to read my blog and leave comments, what keeps me from fully engaging on this issue is that I’m not going to go back and debate something as basic as holiday pay.

    I’m just going to affirm that the practice should be expanded even in a society moving away from any pretense of fairness.

    Comment by neilaquino | February 15, 2007

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