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Texas Should Build Atomic Bomb In Effort To Gain Aid From Washington

The State of Texas should build an atomic bomb in an effort to extract aid from  Washington. Governor Rick Perry should issue an executive order now to begin a crash program of nuclear armament.

This plan would be modeled on recent talks to disarm North Korea. The North Koreans have worked out an agreement that will provide oil and economic assistance in exchange for giving up the bomb.

Texas should demand the aid needed to bring the state into the 21st- Century—Only then will we give up our bomb.

Texas may already be fairly classified as a rogue state as noted by Bay Area Houston. No state more willingly inflicts more misery on more people than does Texas. Atomic weapons would not surprise detractors of Texas and might well further enhance the image of the state among conservatives.

Also, it is an insult to all Texans that France is a nuclear power while the Lone Star State is not.     

February 13, 2007 Posted by | Politics, Texas | 4 Comments