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Reasons Houston Hispanics Have Not Been More Politically Involved

An article in the Winter 2006 issue of The Next American City offers reasons why Hispanic activism over immigration and other issues has not taken off in Houston. 

Here are some of the given reasons— 

1. Houston does not a history of social protest. There was not a great deal of work done for Civil Rights in Houston in the 1960’s.

2. Spanish language radio stations promoted immigration rallies in Chicago and Los Angeles last year. Spanish language stations in Houston did not do the same.  

3. The Catholic Church is Texas is more conservative than in other places.

4. The sprawled-out nature of the Houston metro area makes organization difficult.

5. The anti-worker climate in Houston makes people afraid to take part in protests.

6. Houston does not have strong community organizations.

While none of this will come as a shock to people who live in Houston and in Texas, the article is well-done and is part of a larger series of articles discussing  immigration and cities.

The Next American City is a magazine I saw for the first time last week. In each issue, one topic is selected and analyzed for how that subject impacts urban America.

Even though the magazine places much of its content online, I am buying a subscription so that I will be more than a web freeloader.

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