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Historian David McCullough As A Model For Texas Bloggers & All Bloggers

Historian David McCullough was not trained as a historian. Yet he is one of America’s leading writers of serious popular history. He has written well-regarded books about Harry Truman and John Adams. 

It is possible that McCullough’s success is a model of sorts for bloggers.

As some bloggers, including some in Texas, seek journalistic credibility, it is good to see that success can be obtained in specialized fields without specialized training.

In Booknotes by C-Span’s Brian Lamb, McCullough points out that Robert Caro and Barbara Tuchman also did quite well writing history without formal training.

I’m not a journalist and I’m not looking to be seen as one. Yet many political bloggers feel they should be regarded as such for doing work that daily newspapers aren’t doing. I think this point has a degree of merit.

(Though I am not a reflexive basher of the so-called mainstream media. I think in many circumstances they are doing the best they can.)

McCullough is an example of serious-minded self-creation who may serve as a useful lesson for bloggers.       

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