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I Wore Shirt & Tie To Jury Duty Because I Respect Justice Even If Harris County Is Run By Execution-Crazed Savages

I had jury duty today here in Houston, Harris County, Texas. I wore a shirt and tie to jury duty. I also polished my shoes and wore my newest pair of pants.

I got dressed up because I respect justice and I respect my fellow citizens. I feel this way regardless of how the city, the county and the State of Texas conduct our courts. 

Justice has a rough time in these parts. We love to execute people, we have people found innocent after many years in jail and the Houston Police crime lab is a mess.

I was not picked for a trial today. But I did my duty and put my best face forward as a citizen.    

February 6, 2007 Posted by | Best Posts Jan.-June 2007, Houston, Things I've Done | 4 Comments