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Mutated Buffalo Bayou Creatures May Rule Houston With Justice As Global Warming Raises Water Levels

This morning I took a brief walk along Buffalo Bayou as it approaches Downtown Houston. The bayou is dirty and I wondered what kind of mutated creatures live in such water.

Then I thought that maybe the bad Houston air we breathe and junk we eat is mutating us as well. I thought that I’d might as well be living in the bayou.

As global temperatures rise and water levels rise, it’s possible that someday humans will have to fight these mutated creatures of Buffalo Bayou and other bayous for control of Houston.

What side will I take in this fight? Will mutated Buffalo Bayou creatures rule Houston in a more kind and just manner than humans?

We know it is not out of the question that these mutated fish and turtles might be more just and more kind.   

February 5, 2007 Posted by | Houston | Leave a comment