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Texas Bloggers And All People Can Ask TexasLiberal Questions Of Political History Because I Have A Huge Book With All The Facts

A few months ago I purchased the fifth edition of the Congressional Quartlerly Press Guide To U.S. Elections. I needed a nice big book to get me through the long Houston, Texas winter. (That’s a joke.)

This two-volume book has results for every governor’s race and U.S. Senate election ever held through 2004. It also has primary results for gubernatorial and Senate races. It has results for all U.S. House of Representatives elections beginning with 1824.

Not only all that—Also contained within the two volumes are presidential election totals along with primary results and delegate counts from the conventions. Each nominating convention is detailed and a recap of the party platform is given. In addition, there are descriptions of all American political parties and other lengthy essays on American political history. 

In short—It is a hell of a book.

Because I love all my fellow Texas bloggers and because I love all people, please allow me to make myself available for any question you might have about American political history. Leave a question here in the comment space and I’ll reply. Or e-mail me at buffalo underscore bayou at hotmail dot com.

Here at TexasLiberal the creed is—as President John Kennedy once said—That service is its own reward. 

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