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Bloggers Might Consider Copying Some Posts Because It Sure Is A Lot Of Work To Lose When The Blog Is Done

One of the good things about the computer age is the ability to maintain friends over distances of both time and space. A friend I’ve been able to maintain via-email in the 8 years I’ve lived in
Houston is Mike Barron of New York City. Mike knows all about computers.  

In contrast to the enhanced durability of some friendships, the electronic age also produces very transient blog postings. A few days ago in TexasLiberal I asked if any of our blogs would be archived and available to anybody in the future. Here is a response Mike left about this subject— 

1.    As a Systems Administrator for a computer art program, I find myself frequently concerned over the archiving of digital material. It’s a big problem, especially when it comes to digital art: digital standards, software, storage media all change very rapidly over time. What if you get a piece on a floppy disc, for instance? The floppy used to be ubiquitous, but now — a mere five years later — it’s pretty hard to come by. How do you view that piece? Or worse, what if the piece relies on a piece of software or an operating system that is no longer produced? How do you view these works? How do you preserve them?Fortunately, text is a bit easier to preserve, but still problematic. The onus is on the author though. I usually write my blogs in a text editor and save in a format that is fairly universal, i.e. doesn’t rely on a particular piece of software to be read (formats such as txt, rtf, rtfd are good). This way, even if technology changes, there’s a good chance these documents will be readable, at least for a while, and/or can be converted to the latest, greatest format.Beyond whatever process you decide upon, though, it is VERY unlikely that blogs will be archived in any way shape or form by anyone other than their authors.Welcome to the digital age.Mike Barron

Another suggestion might be to print each post as you write it. All this may seem self-centered, but a blog takes a lot of work. You’ve got to decide if you want to lose all that work when you are done with the blog.   

You can link to Mike’s blog here.

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