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Instead Of Watching State Of Union, I’ll Be Asking If God Is Black

Instead of watching the State of the Union speech tonight in my Houston home, I intend to watch a rerun of All In The Family.

I’m going to watch the episode where Archie Bunker argues the question “Is God Black?” with his neighbor Henry Jefferson. Henry was George Jefferson’s brother.

In this discussion Jefferson says black people are better athletes. In response Bunker demands to know, if black folks are so great and if God is black, why are all the astronauts white? Jefferson says it is because the astronauts are picked by “lily-white” Americans who only pick other lily-white Americans.

It sure is a funny exchange. 

Considering what color God might be, or doing anything else at all, is time better spent than listening to Mr. Bush.  

January 23, 2007 Posted by | Things Watching Tv Made Me Think About | 2 Comments