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Houston City Worker Killed On Job Made Only $17,000 A Year

The Houston city worker, Jerry Hines Jr., killed on the job on January 17, made only $17,000 a year. This according to the Houston Chronicle.

Mr. Hines was assisting motorists on the side of the road during the bad weather last week when he was hit by a passing car. Mr. Hines and a co-worker had decided to pull over and help people who had spun out on the ice. It was this decision to help that led to Mr. Hines being killed. 

Houston Mayor Bill White said Mr. Hines was one Houston’s “everyday heroes.” The Mayor led a moment of silence at a City Council meeting. Mayor White did not, as far as I’m aware, call for paying city workers a decent salary.

For a 40 hour week, Mr. Hines would have only been earning $8.16 an hour. This is not a living wage.

In the days ahead I intend to write and call my Houston elected officials and ask how many city workers are paid such low wages and ask what can be done to pay them more.

I urge others reading this post to do the same.

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