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Right-Leaning Blog Broadens This Liberal’s Perspective & Both Major Parties Lie All The Time

My favorite “right-leaning” blog is Last Row. That blog, like my blog, is written in Houston, Texas.

Houston,Texas can be found on the shores of beautiful Buffalo Bayou.   

The author of Last Row found TexasLiberal a few months ago and has been a steady reader. He often leaves comments. He has spent more time on my blog than I have on his. I am going to work to improve in this respect.

Last Row has many posts that are religious in nature. I am not religious. However, I did recently buy a copy of Thomas Merton’s The Seven Storey Mountain. I also have on order at the moment an audio collection of sermons by Martin Luther King.

Maybe all that will score me some religion points with my friend.

It’s important to have relationships with people of differing outlooks. Not because of feel-good tripe about bipartisanship and diversity. Bipartisanship is a word we often use to hide our desire for power. Diversity is a word we often use to make something that is worthwhile and difficult seem banal and easy.

It’s important because there are truths far more lasting and relevant than the transience of a blog post and the perpetual lying of both of our major political parties.  

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