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More Honor Roll Kids And Fewer ROTC At King Parade Would Be A Good Change

The Martin Luther King Parade in Downtown Houston would benefit from fewer ROTC units and more honor roll and debate club members. I bet the same is true at King Parades around the country.

Every year I go to the King Parade and every year I see a large number of ROTC kids marching with bayonets and rifles. Nothing could be more contrary to the message of Martin Luther King—Especially at a time when we are in an unnecessary war.

It would take just a little imagination to have honor roll students, student newspaper staffs and language club members march instead of ROTC. Such a change would better reflect the purpose of King’s work.

Of course, all this was less of a problem yesterday when so many of the parade participants failed to show up because it was cold. That’s okay–It’s not like Martin Luther King ever marched under tough circumstances.

A published report this morning said that 75% of marchers showed up yesterday for the AM Houston King Parade. Based on the King parades I’ve seen in the past, that number is simply wrong.  

January 16, 2007 Posted by | Best Posts Jan.-June 2007, Houston, Martin & Malcolm | 5 Comments