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2007 Houston Martin Luther King Parade Was A Mess

The 2007 Houston Martin Luther King Parade was a disorganized mess. 

Each year I go the morning parade. (Incredibly, because of some silly nasty dispute, we have two parades in Houston) In past years, the morning parade would run nearly three hours. Today’s parade went an hour at most.

Much of that hour consisted of long gaps between marchers. These gaps sometimes ran as long as five minutes.

I don’t know how many people were lined-up on the parade route, but it had to be at least a few thousand. 

The weather in Houston is awful today. But so what? I made it Downtown. So did many other people. At least some of the marchers showed up. Where was everybody else? 

How can real progress be made when a parade can’t be organized correctly? What hard work for justice will be accomplished when a few hours of rain and cold scares people off? What example is set when adults tell kids it is to cold to march?

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Excited Houston TV Stations Follow Ice Storm Like Advance of Radiation In Novel On The Beach

Ice may or may not be coming to Houston. Local TV stations, excited that something bad might happen, have been following the storm for days. 

In the novel On The Beach by Nevil Shute, a nuclear war has occurred. The radiation is creeping over the Earth and the only people left are in remote Australia. The book is about these few remaining folks waiting for the radiation to arrive.

The day-by-day tracking of the ice storm has reminded me of On The Beach.

Slowly… slowly…slowly…the terrible event approaches. 

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