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Keep Democrats At Arm’s Length And You’ll Be Happier & Better Off

Before moving to Houston in 1998, I was involved in politics in Cincinnati, Ohio. What I learned up north has served me well in Texas—Keep Democrats at arm’s length and you’ll be happier & better off.

In Cincinnati, among a few other things, I worked for a city councilman and I ran for the Cincinnati Board of Education in 1997. 

What I saw and experienced was that real opposition and trouble comes mainly from your own side of the aisle. While Republicans were clearly part of the process, you did not have expectations of them. It was Democrats that were the problem.   

On Cincinnati City Council, Democrats held the majority. But they did not work cohesively as a party. Each member had his or her own agenda and each member had his or her own donors that they were beholden to.

In 1994, I was involved in a campaign for the Ohio State Senate. The candidate I was working for criticized the Republican President of the Ohio Senate. The Senate President represented a district in the Cincinnati area. That was trouble.

Many “Democrats” wanted booty from the Ohio Senate. And many big political donors had overlapping connections with both Republicans and Democrats. As the campaign progressed, we found many Democrats who were basically supporting our Republican opponent. 

These experiences have shaped my outlook. I rarely mention or criticize Republicans in my blog. What’s the point? It just ends up as preaching to the choir.  If I were working on a campaign I might have a different approach. But this blog is not a campaign.

As for Democrats–You keep them at arm’s length and embrace the ones who appear to be less for sale than the worst of the lot. 

As for individuals—Individuals should always remain involved in politics. They should do so to ensure that one of the major parties will at least sometimes do what is right. Parties do serve an important function even as they let you down.    

Individuals should remain active in politics because giving up can never be an option. 

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