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Texas Speaker Debate Among Democrats Close To Setting Mark As Silliest Thing Ever

A new and extra-silly debate among some Democrats is what process of election would be most likely to ensure the selection of the “right” Republican to serve as Speaker of the Texas House in Austin.

Should it be a secret ballot? A double-secret ballot? Should it go alphabetical order. In reverse alphabetical order? Should names be called at random? 

I say names should be called based on the height of members.

No! Wait! What if more tall House members support Mr. Craddick? Should taller or shorter members be called first? 

Further discussion surrounds to what extent Democratic House members should be challenged in primaries in 2008 if they vote for the “wrong” Republican. 

If you are reading this from out of state I am not making this up. Nope. This is really what is going on.

For some, this is what happens when you’ve reached the point that you are unable to imagine any other outcome but having your ass kicked time and time again. 

Or, for others, this is what happens when you are so tied-in to the Democratic Party establishment, which does nothing but lose, that you have something riding on the outcome of the race.

And, of course, many other folks are good people that in this case I disagee with.   

What options are never discussed in this silly debate? Only options that make sense are never discussed. That’s a big reason why it is so silly. 

Options like supporting one of your own. Or respecting the intent of voters who rejected Democrats at the state level in Texas every chance they got in 2006. Or imagining a healthy two-party democracy in Texas for the first time since Statehood.

These are options that are never discussed.       

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