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Term Limits, Spending Caps, Ignoring Majority Party In Speaker’s Race—Does Anyone In Texas Trust Democracy?

The Houston Chronicle today writes about Houston City Council seats up for grabs in 2007 due to term limits. Incredibly, the people of Houston once voted to strip themselves of the right to support council members beyond three two-year terms.

A few days ago the Chronicle reported that large portions of the state budget surplus may not be able to be spent because of spending caps. 

In Austin, the Speaker’s race is a behind-the-scenes free-for-all with the party that voters rejected statewide last November seeking to heavily influence the outcome. 

I trust Democracy. I believe in voters being able to vote for who they wish to vote for. I believe in government using all the resources it can muster to help people. And I believe that political parties serve a real purpose.

You won’t find much agreement with, or much discussion about, these positions in one or two of the leading Democratic blogs in Texas. Yet here at TexasLiberal you get the real thing. No ads and no connections to the Democratic Party establishment. Here at TexasLiberal what you get, for better or for worse, is respect for Democracy. 

January 5, 2007 Posted by | Politics, Texas | 1 Comment