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Texas House Members Lie & Scheme In Speaker’s Race While US House Elects Speaker Voters Intended

The U.S. House is set to convene and elect Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. For Texans, what will take place in Washington must seem amazing.

In Washington, Democratic members will vote for a Democrat for Speaker and Republicans will vote for a Republican for Speaker. The Democrat will win with Democratic votes because that is what the public wanted.

Some call might call it excessive partisanship. Others with a more firm grasp on the process will call it democracy. Elected representatives will reflect the will of the people that elected them. They won’t be looking to cut sneaky backroom deals for committee chairs and committee posts in exchange for supporting a specific candidate for Speaker.  

It is not about left or right. The new Democratic majority in Washington has many different viewpoints represented. It’s about governing in a rational and coherent way. It’s about having an accountable majority. It’s about having an opposition that opposes and offers voters a choice. 

Texans should flip on C-SPAN and watch Congress select Ms. Pelosi for a good lesson in democracy. They won’t get that lesson here. 

Many good people are caught up in the get-Craddick grudge match and caught up in the prospect of a few shreds of power in Republican-dominated Texas. These good people are in this case fumbling away the future and fumbling away the prospect of a future Democratic House truly governed by Democrats.      

January 3, 2007 Posted by | Politics, Texas | 6 Comments