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Wall Of Voodoo Album Recalled After 25 Years–How Many Blog Posts Will Make It Past Next Week?

On New Year’s Day in Houston and in Texas I know I’m supposed to be watching football. I might later if aliens take over my mind. One thing I have done today is read a critique of the band Wall of Voodoo in a book called the All Music Guide To Rock.

Wall of Voodoo had one hit called “Mexican Radio.” It’s kind of a silly song. I had their vinyl album, “Call of the West”, and listened to it often about 25 years ago.  

I write this blog and wonder if anyone will remember its content a week from now. Wall of Voodoo created something that at least one person remembers 25 years later.

Here is part of the review of Call of the West from my rock book—“ …there’s an intelligence and wounded compassion in the album’s gallery of lost souls, and there’s enough bite in the music that it remains satisfying two decades later.”  

That sounds about right from my recollection.

Wall Of Voodoo had an idea and was able to express it in a way that worked. Sometimes all you have to do it is get it right once and you have something that will last. 

Bloggers spend a lot of time with their work and in many ways have reason to be proud. We’ve impacted the political process and I believe that people come upon posts in blogs that make an impact in their lives. Still, for all the effort, I often wonder what gets remembered.

It might be good for some, if inclined, to find the time to try and leave a creative work that lasts beyond the next posting. Or, for many, the effort to make a day-to-day difference may be enough. It’s up to the individual.    

January 2, 2007 - Posted by | Blogging, Books, Music


  1. Indeed, I recall many a viewing of Wall of Voodoo’s “Mexican Radio” video on MTV. A quirky, new wave crossover that Martha Quinn & co. embraced for whatever reason. Also — remembering old rock bands is definitely better than watching football.

    Comment by Greg Borman | January 4, 2007

  2. I was a huge fan of Wall of Voodoo, that first album,”Dark Continent” is still a wonder to behold. I know this because I am holding the album in my hands and I’m able to type at the same time. All those great songs like “Back in Flesh”, “Me and my Dad”, “Two minutes till Lunch” and “Animal Day” are and always will be classics. This album is much better than “Call of the West”. This album was put out in 1981 and still sounds just as wierd and unique as the day I bought it.

    Comment by chuck byrd | January 8, 2007

  3. You will never be able to beat the rock group Queen for true unusual and new rock music, their music is known world wide and will never die. Anyone interested in Queen should visit our website at http://www.thebrianmoles.com its free to join, the majority of our members are Queen fans but not all, so you don’t have to be a Queen fan to join. We aim to be a community where people can meet and make new friends, then throughout the year we hold events to raise money for charity (and to have a good time) and regular fun competitions to win some fantastic prizes. Take a look at our new website today.

    Comment by Neil | January 11, 2007

  4. Hey there TexasLiberal! – 25 years. It seems like yesterday. Where’s our wheelchair huh? Any whooo – I was tagged by a friend to this blog and thought I would say – Thank you TexasLiberal! For writing that then. and I remember. It made us feel we were getting through and I thank you again….

    …For writing about our record all that time ago. 1983. And giving us a listen. And getting it….hey! music is still being made even now, Its just not on TV. Check it out. Sadly, two WOV memebers are gone to Heaven. Sometimes the price is high for things like this. All the best and thanks for being a bright light in our basement. – We are trying to carry on….
    Stan Ridgway
    on youtube —
    Wall Of Voodoo – “Call Of The West” @ 688 Club – Atlanta GA 1982

    Comment by Stan Ridgway | January 27, 2007

  5. President Aquino,
    I went to see The Wall of Voodoo around that time and they were pretty great. I was not a fan, and they were kind of not punkrock enough for my narrow jaded taste. I especially enjoyed the purity of the guitar solo on their version of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire ,and that alone was enough reason for me to go to see them at the time. I also remember seeing Bow Wow Wow, with their safety mohawks and liking a similar western sound that they had. Not long after that I had the pleasure of meeting Bo Diddley, I almost wasn’t allowed to enter the club because of my scruffy appearance, but Bo didn’t hold it against me. He talked to me for awhile , and autographed my ticket stub. I hope that memory holds up for another twenty-five years.

    Comment by jruzsa | January 30, 2007

  6. I remember it. Me likey!

    Comment by dailymuse | February 15, 2007

  7. […] find the post I made about Brown last month along with Brown’s comment from today. Brown joins Wall Of Voodoo singer Stan Ridgeway as well-known figures who have commented on this […]

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  8. Dark Continent and Happy Planet vinyls just came in the mail. I can’t get enough of Stan Ridgway.

    Wall of Voodoo were one of those bands who had a definitive sound, and if you weren’t hip to it, there was no way for you to understand it.

    Comment by tgpo | April 6, 2010

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