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Wall Of Voodoo Album Recalled After 25 Years–How Many Blog Posts Will Make It Past Next Week?

On New Year’s Day in Houston and in Texas I know I’m supposed to be watching football. I might later if aliens take over my mind. One thing I have done today is read a critique of the band Wall of Voodoo in a book called the All Music Guide To Rock.

Wall of Voodoo had one hit called “Mexican Radio.” It’s kind of a silly song. I had their vinyl album, “Call of the West”, and listened to it often about 25 years ago.  

I write this blog and wonder if anyone will remember its content a week from now. Wall of Voodoo created something that at least one person remembers 25 years later.

Here is part of the review of Call of the West from my rock book—“ …there’s an intelligence and wounded compassion in the album’s gallery of lost souls, and there’s enough bite in the music that it remains satisfying two decades later.”  

That sounds about right from my recollection.

Wall Of Voodoo had an idea and was able to express it in a way that worked. Sometimes all you have to do it is get it right once and you have something that will last. 

Bloggers spend a lot of time with their work and in many ways have reason to be proud. We’ve impacted the political process and I believe that people come upon posts in blogs that make an impact in their lives. Still, for all the effort, I often wonder what gets remembered.

It might be good for some, if inclined, to find the time to try and leave a creative work that lasts beyond the next posting. Or, for many, the effort to make a day-to-day difference may be enough. It’s up to the individual.    

January 2, 2007 Posted by | Blogging, Books, Music | 8 Comments