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Democrats Should Have No Voice In Texas Speaker Vote

A Republican Texas House member from Plano named Brian McCall is challenging incumbent Tom Craddick for the post of Speaker of the Texas House. The coalition McCall hopes to put together would involve House Democrats.

This bid should not involve Democrats. Republicans won a majority in the election last month. The election of the Speaker should be an internal matter of the Republican caucus. If Democrats want to elect a Speaker they should win a majority for themselves. 

So-called bipartisanship in the Texas legislature was a big way Governor George Bush established the phony image of someone who worked across party lines. 

This bipartisanship rewards sycophantic and double-dealing House Democratic members with various committee chairs and committee assignments for working with the no-good Republican majority.

This so-called bipartisanship will handicap a future Democratic legislative majority from enacting its policies.

Most importantly, this bipartisanship thwarts the will of voters who elected one party to govern and placed another party in the minority. 

It is one thing for state legislators to work with members of the other party on specific bills. Cross-aisle cooperation has some virtues as long as it does not get out of hand. However, institutional posts such as the Speaker and committee chairs should be held only by members of the majority. The electorate has given Republicans that right.

For 2007, Democrats should nominate a candidate for Speaker and stick with that candidate win or lose. At whatever point Democrats re-take the House, they should leave Republicans out in the cold.  

December 26, 2006 Posted by | Best Posts 2006, Politics, Texas | 2 Comments