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Don’t Let The Holidays Distract You From How Lousy Congressman Nick Lampson Is

It’s been a few weeks since the November election and the holidays are here. However, none of this is any reason to forget about the cruddy campaign run by Democratic Houston-area Congressman-elect Nick Lampson.

Lampson seemed intent on campaigning to the right of the awful Shelley Sekula-Gibbs in Texas U.S. House district 22. He talked about how super-tough he would be on immigration. He criticized Gibbs for routine votes on water and sewer rate hikes while she served on Houston City Council. It was terrible to watch.

During the election I asked what Lampson would do after he won. Would he just turn off the rhetoric or would he continue in his nasty ways?  We’ve not heard much from Lampson since Election Day. Just as well I suppose.

Still, we can’t forget how Lampson campaigned and he should not get a free pass when Congress is back in session next month. We expect Republicans to be lousy. We expect more from Democrats.       

December 21, 2006 - Posted by | Houston, Lousy People, Politics


  1. I expect both Reps and Dems to be lousy, they are after all politicians…

    Speaking of double talk, how about Perry coming out against the proposed wall after running those ‘tough on immigration’ campaign ads?

    Comment by Lazaro | December 21, 2006

  2. We would like for the Democrats not to be so lame, but we can not expect anything in this country except for people to care more about football,ford f150’s and hooters.

    Comment by bill brady | December 23, 2006

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