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Harris County, Texas Deputy Sheriff Commits Offenses In Plain View While Bjork Sings

A Harris County, Texas deputy sheriff changed lanes four times without using a turn signal. I saw this while driving behind the deputy and listening to Bjork on my car stereo. 

The incident took place just before noon, yesterday, December 13, 2006. The first three illegal lane changes took place on Highway 290 westbound near the Highway 6 exit. The last illegal lane change took occurred on Highway 6 southbound just past the Highway 290 overpass. 

The deputy was driving a big white SUV. The Harris County Sheriff uses SUV’s to assist oil-revenue sponsored terror. The Houston area is considered a leading potential terror target. The stronger the terrorist threat, the more money the Sheriff Department gets and the more SUV’s they can buy. It works out for everybody. 

The same logic is at work in terms of the repeated law-breaking I witnessed. When the sheriff’s office commits violations in broad daylight, it is a clear public signal that crime is okay. Criminals are encouraged by this signal and commit more crime. More crime in Harris County leads to more funds for the Sheriff’s office. 

As for Bjork—I enjoy Bjork.  


December 14, 2006 - Posted by | Houston, Music, Texas


  1. My wife and I saw bjork at redrocks in colo. I have seen more sheriffs than bjork and I must say that I like bjork much better. Its hard to think of how we would live without police and sheriffs but its not hard to see how a little training and compassion would be nicer for all parties concerned.

    Comment by bill brady | December 23, 2006

  2. You people make me sick..You talk so much smack about law enforcement officers, but you fail to add how they are the ones strapping on the bullet proof vest and gun to protect you all. The Law Enforcement officers both women and men go to work sun, rain or sleet (even in a Hurricane, ex:IKE) and protect you all. All you can say is negative things, when the truth be known you call them when you need help. It sounds like to me a “BOY CRIED WOLF” incident, never wanting to take responsibility for your actions but pointing out others….

    Comment by NEGATIVE PEOPLE | November 4, 2008

  3. Negative people—There is a measure of truth to what you are saying.But I was not aware the following the rules was an option. If pulled over for a traffic violtion, I don’t exopect to be let off with some excuse I am making.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | November 5, 2008

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