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Rotten Cincinnati Bengals Ripoff & Fleece Taxpayers Every Chance They Get

At the same time a new study said suburban poverty is up in the Cincinnati region, the greedy Cincinnati Bengals football team billed Hamilton County, Ohio $900,000 for new turf for Paul Brown Stadium. The county must pay this money due to a taxpayer-fleecing contract it signed with the Bengals. 

Hamilton County is where Cincinnati is located and is the largest county in the Cincinnati area.

Already Hamilton County taxpayers have given the Bengals hundreds of millions of dollars for construction and upkeep of Paul Brown Stadium. Now the Bengals want nearly a million dollars more. 

The Bengals are never called to account for this money. The promise was that Cincinnati and the Cincinnati region would benefit from having an NFL team. The fact of increasing poverty in the region would appear to tell a different story.

The fault for this terrible waste of money rests in the end with the people of Cincinnati & Hamilton County. It is a given that the Bengals will take every dollar they can get and that their political allies will make sure the team is protected. No reasonable person expects the Bengals to do anything but cheat the public. That is what they do.

It is the people of Hamilton County who have acquiesced to this scam. It is the very same people who must work and fight to take back control of local government from the Bengals and their political henchmen.

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