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Black Voters In New Orleans Keep Messing Up

Congressman William Jefferson from New Orleans has been reelected despite an ongoing investigation into his conduct and despite the fact $ 90,000 was found in his freezer.

Though his Democratic opponent in the run-off election was also black, Mr. Jefferson won along racial lines. Black voters strongly supported Mr. Jefferson. Part of Mr. Jefferson’s campaign pitch was that the investigation of him is racially motivated.

It is not surprising Mr. Jefferson won. Earlier this year black voters in New Orleans, with the support of white conservatives who thought Mayor Ray Nagin’s white opponent too liberal, made the bone-headed decision to reelect the incompetent Mayor Nagin.

Reluctance by blacks to elect a white mayor in what had been a majority-black city before Katrina is understandable. However, it is clear that Mayor Nagin is not the man to get things done.

Conservative whites in New Orleans are pretty much irredeemable as voters. Liberal whites are hard to find. It is up to blacks to get it right. Black folks in New Orleans have got make a choice.

They can vote based mostly on race or they can elect the right people of whatever color to help fix New Orleans. If New Orleans blacks mess up they will get screwed time and time again. Conservatives see a “New” New Orleans with as many poor people and black people gone as possible.

So far, black voters in New Orleans are getting it wrong every time. 

December 12, 2006 Posted by | Hurricane Katrina, Politics | 5 Comments